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On October 30, 2005, Mike Boyd took the ride of his life in the Winged Express when the front left wheel liberated itself during an exhibition pass at the Goodguys Fuel & Gas Finals.  Following an encounter with the retaining wall past the finish line and a couple of side-rolls, the car came to a rest on its side in the shutdown area.  Mike walked away unscathed from the incident, but the car did not fair as well.  Current plans for the team are to have a fourth version of the Winged Express rebuilt and ready by the start of the 2006 racing season.

To aid the team in the rebuild process, donations were accepted to help defray expenses and expedite a quick return of the Winged Express. Thanks to the effort and help from the friends listed below, the Winged Express made its debut during a Famoso Raceway test and tune session prior to the 2007 Bakersfield March Meet.  Welcome back!

Donors to date-04/08/06
Darryl Jackman-USA
Dawn Mazi-Hovsepian & Mark Hovsepian-USA
Phil Upton-USA
Dave Molloy-USA
Bob McLennan-USA
Sky Wallace-USA
Adrian Murray-UK
Paul Rogers-AU
Mike Litzau-USA
Linda Sides-USA
Scott Litzau-USA
Mark Brewer-USA
Ken Ondrejko-USA
Robert Timko Jr.-USA
Ivan Sansom-UK
Tim Gilbreth-USA
Dale & Kat Suhr-Criterion Inc.-USA
Jack Smith-USA
Adam Gleadow-UK
Mike Taylor-USA
Kyle Wurtzel-USA
Oscar Nunez-USA
William Taft-USA
Richard Stannard-USA
Bob and Jay Mageau, the Prospector '57 Chevy-CA
William Carrell-USA
Jim Sorenson-USA
Ian Gellately-CA
Mark Watson-UK
Dennis Johnston & Linda Hill-USA
Philip Bradford-USA
Mark McCabe-USA
Sampson Brothers Speed Shop-USA
Robert Barone, War Horse F/C-USA
Jim & Ellen LaMotte-USA
Gary Zavala-USA
Scott "Rat Head" Hoefert-USA
Robert Gavron-USA
Ardys Roseland-USA
Standard 1320 Productions-USA
Robert Wenzelburger-USA
Rick Lawrence & Crew, Minnesota Maniac F/C-USA
John Greenwood-USA
Marc Gewertz-USA
Mendy Fry-USA
Darryl Treasure-AU
Jim Becktel-USA
Chili Phil-USA
Firebird Raceway-USA
The Frymoyer Family-Snooky's Vintage Originals-USA
Wrenchhead Racing's, "Orange Crusher"-USA
Gary W. Ratliff-USA
Ron Johnson-USA
Dennis and Ann Howie-USA
Dave Stiller-USA
David Huber-USA
Don & pat Johnson Bellflower, CA-USA
Mark & Viv Fullard  Sheldon Birmingham, England
Jim & Diana Obester,  Vancouver, WA-USA

Parts/Labor to date-04/08/06
Probell Racing-Bellhousing-USA
Keith Burgan-RooMan Enterprises-Chassis-USA
Mark Weiss-Headers-USA
Mike Boyd-The Wing
The Lime Works-Body-USA
Magnum Alex Company-Ford Spindles-USA
Mike Litzau-1936 Chevy Steering Wheel
Rob "Mr. Pontiac" MacLaren-M/T Scoop

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