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The Nitronic Research (1995-2003) AA/FD 5 Second Club is comprised of the first 16 drivers to run their VRA legal front engine dragsters at a recognized event in under 6 seconds. Each driver has been awarded an embroidered jacket to commemorate the achievement and will have their name and photo permanently posted on this site.  

Paul Romine
April 21, 1996
5.96-U.S. 41/Gary, IN
Team-Dealer Engine Sales

Gary Ritter
May 5, 1996
5.98-Sacramento Raceway/CA

Bill Dunlap
May 19, 1998
5.98-SPIR/Sonoma, CA
Team-Fuller Motorsports

Sammy Hale
March 16, 1999
5.87-Famoso Raceway/Bakersfield, CA
Team-Champion Speed Shop

Roger Lechtenberg
June 11, 2000
5.98-IRP/Indianapolis, IN
Team-Orange Crate

Bill Alexander
October 28, 2000
5.99-LVMS/Las Vegas, NV
Team-Ground Zero

Jack Harris
October 28, 2000
5.95-LVMS/Las Vegas, NV
Team-Nitro Thunder

Rance McDaniel
October 28, 2000
5.95-LVMS/Las Vegas, NV
Team-Champion Speed Shop

Gerry Steiner
October 6, 2001
5.97-Famoso Raceway/Bakersfield, CA
Team-Steiner & Berger

Lee Jennings
November 4, 2001
5.99-Famoso Raceway/Bakersfield,CA
Team-California Trucker

Jim Murphy
March 10, 2002
5.81-Famoso Raceway/Bakersfield, CA

Rick McGee
April 20, 2002
5.93-SPIR, Sonoma, CA

Brendan Murry
November 3, 2002
5.99-Famoso Raceway/Bakersfield, CA
Team-Running Wild

Howard Haight
March 8, 2003
5.96-Famoso Raceway/Bakersfield, CA

Butch Blair
May 18, 2003
5.97-Infineon Raceway/Sonoma, CA

Denver Schutz
October 4, 2003
5.85-Famoso Raceway/Bakersfield, CA

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