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F-i-n-a-l-l-y!  Drag racing reunions are becoming the latest rage east of California.  And I mean far east!  The second annual Gasser Magazine Reunion, held June 6-8 at Thompson Drag Raceway in Thompson, Ohio, eclipsed spectator and car counts from its first season, and enjoyed the added feature of fuel racing under the lights Saturday evening; a treat for fans who have not been able to experience that for nearly two decades.  The National Hot Rod Reunion held in Bowling Green, KY, June 20-22...well, lets just say that the event was a smashing success and will return to Beech Bend Raceway in 2004!  Yes, each event captured its own essence, and each will be remembered for a long time to come by those who attended!  Since many drivers/cars competed at both events, photo coverage has been combined into one page for both events.  The following photos will take you on a journey of just some of the highlights of each event.  Enjoy!  Dawn & Mark

This gorgeous "Russo and Santo" Willys is operated by the father and son team of Jack and John Olcott.

Rocky Pirrone returned to the Gasser Reunion with this most beautiful recreation of his late father's (Joe) "Boss Hydro" Willys, made popular during the late 60's East Coast gasser wars.  Pirrone earned Best Appearing honors, and it's no wonder as the attention to detail is just superb.
This "Vintage Speed" Willys wowed fans throughout the weekend with high rpm, wheel- standing launches.

"Firesuit Phil" Pofahl, last year's C/G winner, sports the original 303" Olds (now up to 387") and paint in his '46 Ford, which he raced with way back in 1962.  
Larry Stauff towed out from Cumberland, Rhode Island, with his gorgeous "Obsession" Anglia providing ample hang time during his launches.

From nearby Ashtabula, Ohio, Mickey Hale made several passes in his "Green Voodoo" Plymouth.  This beauty is For Sale!
The Gasser Reunion featured exhibition stars during Saturday evening's program, and Tom Motry was one of two AA/FAs on the premises.  (Fuel cars of any kind have not graced TDR in nearly two decades)  Motry wheeled the "Drastic Plastic" entry to a 5.911, which became the first "5" run at TDR for a wheel driven entry.  The crowd and track officials went berserk, and there's a strong indication that TDR will bring in additional AA/FAs next year!  Woohoo!

Erik Carlson drove the wheels off his recently completed '55 Chevy.  Carlson wrung out each gear for all they were worth, bagging consistent 9.90s in this BBC powered beast.
The Hartsoe Bros. Anglia was just one of many restored entries competing at TDR.

Bill "Golden" Maverick made a lap in the "Hill Bros." '33 Willys on Sunday, and much like the characteristics of his "Little Red Wagon" hiked the front end up during this burnout!
Bob Sarkisian competed in his appropriately named "Hellacious" Anglia at Thompson, Indy, as well as Bowling Green.  Sarkisian never disappointed anyone when it came to out of shape burnouts or runs.

Randy Sacksteder drives and owns this beautiful 392 powered "Hemi-Fied" Willys, which competed in a variety of Gas classes at Thompson, Indy and Bowling Green.
Bill "Golden" Maverick treated TDR fans to several passes throughout the weekend in his famous "Little Red Wagon" wheelstander.

Jr. Fuel competitor Robert Donovan flashes the "V" sign for photographers prior to his semi final round meeting with Pat Malloy.  Malloy advanced to the final round using a 7.32 over Donovan's 7.72.
Ernie McClain competed in the Tri-State Racing AA/FD entry at Indy and Bowling Green, running a best of 6.76 during qualifying at the NHRR. 

Daryl Gabrielson launches his "Still Stupid" '68 FED into the fifth spot of the Nostalgia Comp field with a 9.51.
Don Benedict, out of Mingo Junction, Ohio, competed at Thompson and Bowling Green in his low 10-second running '42 Willys with the Geezer Gassers, and came oh-so-close to making the final round at the NHRR.  

Troy Green qualified his AA/FD in the second spot of the field with a 6.36.  Green defeated Ernie McClain in round with a 6.41 over McClain's 6.89, before falling to eventual runner-up, Randy Bridges, in round two.  In addition, Green was called by Frank Hedge to drive the Mastercam entry in Pomona, which led to a great semi final round showing for the team.  Great job, Troy!
Carl "Cannonball" Johnson brought out his "Why Not 3" AA/FA for exhibition runs during the NHRR.  Johnson, who has raced just about everything on wheels since the 50s, recorded a 7.769/203.65 best during the event.

Wayne Jordan waves his hand in disgust as he launches his Opel GT to a red-light in the opening round of Quick 64.  
Bob Beedy Jr. was the toast of the Open Fuel field in his nitro-injected entry, as he claimed the number one qualifying spot with a 6.85.  Beedy stepped up to a 6.70 best in round two over Jim Swedberg, and went on to claim the event title over Dominic Paris in the final.

Bill Bush has raced for decades at Beech Bend Raceway, but without winning results.  That all changed for the driver of this classic and cool looking Rambler, as he qualified in the eighth spot of the Nostalgia Gas field with an 8.98 and went on to win his first ever event!
Randy Bridges, driver of the Hendricks Racing AA/FD, is making some noise among the Midwest Top Fuel  contingent, winning a recent  nostalgia event in Oklahoma as well as the Goodguys Indy title.  Bridges advanced to the final round at Bowling Green with an upset victory over Troy Green in the semis using a 6.46 to dispose of Green's off-pace 6.54.  Bridge's shot at a "hat-trick" missed the mark, as final round opponent Roger Lechtenberg used a 6.20 to finish off Bridge's 6.47.

Dennis Freimudth of Lincolnshire, IL, qualified in the 13th spot of the Nostalgia Gas field with a 9.49 in his cherry flamed gasser.
Dick Gaylord qualified Bob Steffens' Top Fuel entry in the seventh spot with a 6.88.  Gaylord improved to a winning 6.57 over Fred Bach in round one, but was unable to return in round two due to severe engine ventilation.

Gary Moore was one of 66 entries competing in the Quick 64 field.  Moore ran consistent mid-13 second runs in his squeaky-clean Rambler.
Roger "Radar" Lechtenberg rebounded from his Indy runner-up showing by whipping through the Top Fuel program at Bowling Green.  Lechtenberg nailed the number one qualifying spot with a 6.20, collected low e.t. and top speed of the event with a 6.02/231.99 during his round one trouncing of Sean Bellemeur, before disposing of Randy Bridges in the final... 6.22 to a 6.48.

David Donaldson broils the slicks on his "Helter Skelter" '48 Thames Panel, and proceeded to qualify in the 10th spot of the Nostalgia Gas field with a 9.13.
Pat Malloy, fresh off a runner-up effort at Indy the weekend before,  qualified his Jr. Fuel entry in the second spot of the Bowling Green field with a 7.37.  Malloy  defeated Mike Taylor and Robert Donovan, respectively, before tangling with Stu Sandhaus in the final.  Both drivers nailed identical 7.32s, but Sandhaus bulbed handing the win to Malloy.

Sue Campbell competed at Indy and Bowling Green in her pretty flamed Willys, running consistent 8.90s and advancing to the second round at Indy.
Sean Bellemeur stepped in to pilot Frank Hedge's "Mastercam" AA/FD entry at Bowling Green and qualified in the fifth spot with a 6.61.  Bellemeur lost in rounds one and two (reinstated in round two for Gaylord) to eventual winner, Roger Lechtenberg.

"Big Al" Chernick was quite busy during the month of June, having competed within the Geezer Gasser program featured at Thompson, Indy and Bowling Green,  in his gorgeous "Acme Racing" '41 Willys.

Dale Thierer qualified the beautiful "Hemi Hunter" entry in the fourth spot of Open Fuel  with a 7.22, and improved to low e.t. of the class with a 6.615 during Sunday's eliminations.

Bob Rosetty drove Joe Jacono's beautifully restored "Rolling Stoned" funny car during exhibition sessions throughout the weekend.

Russ Campbell clocked a 9.298 best in his '62 Belair, which placed him 25th in the Nostalgia Super Stock field.

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, the Patrick & Ferry AA/FD entry debuted with lackluster results during the first qualifying session, as a result of the blower belt liberating itself from the motor during this burnout.

Pete Defilippo qualified his "Whiplash" Fiat entry in the 17th spot of the Nostalgia Comp field with an 8.198.

Brian Hanofee qualified his slick "Under Pressure" '41 Willys in the second spot of the Nostalgia Gas field with a great 7.859, but fell short of the big money round.

Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick thrilled NHRR fans with a number of  half track burnouts and low seven second runs in his "Tameless Tiger" Pontiac.

Ken Kapper wheeled his '52 Henry J to the number one qualifying spot of the Geezer Gasser program with a 10.440, nearly five tenths below the designated index. 

Brian Vollman competed at Indy (Hot Rod 1) and Bowling Green (Nostalgia Gas) in his slick '47 Ford running consistent 9.60s.

Steve Cagle drove his Buick through this license plate bending/oil pan crushing wheelstand to an astounding 10.28 during Saturday's Nostalgia Gas qualifying.  The crowd went absolutely crazy! 

Bruce Larson brought his "USA-1" Camaro out for an exhibition pass during Saturday's program.  Larson not only dangled the wheels during his burnout, but hung 'em out for nearly 100' on this run.

Mike Boyd, who had just spent the entire week repairing the famed "Winged Express" following the Indy Goodguys event, capped off the Saturday night program with a terrific 7.47/200.02 shot.  The crowd went wild!

Dale Broderick towed out from Clinton, Maryland, to compete in the Oldies class in his blown, small block powered 1960 Coupe.  While Broderick wowed the fans with several wheelstands during the weekend, he was unable to complete full passes.

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